What is Call Tracking Part 1 of 2

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What is Call Tracking Part 1 of 2
Capure Leads with Call tracking Software

Capure Leads with Call Tracking Software

Since phones were invented, people have been inventing and innovating services and products that go hand in hand with the phone. The telephone also changed the way we did business and made our economy a world economy. One of those services created by innovative minds in the late 90s was call tracking.

Call tracking is a service which tracks every call and all the details of those calls that come in on certain phone numbers. Mainly toll free numbers or eight hundred numbers are used for these services. The service usually provides a web based user interface where customers can log in and view all the details of the inbound calls they received and even listen to the recordings of the phone calls in MP3 format. This helps for quality control and training purposes.

The main benefit of this service is the reporting and the ability to use and track multiple 800, 877, 888, or 866 numbers. An account can have as few as 1 or thousands of unique tracking toll free numbers. This allows the company using the service to assign a different number to each marketing campaign and each website and know where all the calls are coming from. This is crucial because the advertiser can determine which campaigns are working and which ones are not. This redirection of marketing dollars to what works will more then cover the cost of the service.

This article explores the new telephone marketing analytics software of call tracking. This concludes What is Call Tracking Part 1 of 2, follow up and read What is Call Tracking Part 2 of 2, which talks about the more advanced aspects of the call tracking interface along with reporting.

Share your input with us… Do you use call tracking? Ever thought of using it? Whats stopping you?