Call Tracking for Marketing Companies Part 1 of 2

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Call Tracking for Marketing Companies Part 1 of 2
New technology is calling

New technology is calling

There are many uses of call tracking for marketing companies. For companies that handle multiple campaigns it is important that each marketing effort records precise data about the responses generated. Marketing companies know there are plenty of numbers to crunch and call, tracking reduces that stress while increasing productivity. Clients are always looking for the marketing company that will produce results and more importantly help them figure out how to focus their marketing dollars.

Some of the statistics provided by call tracking are showing all campaign and call activity, average call length, track your return on investment (ROI), which areas (i.e. area codes or states) are providing the most calls, and closing ratios.

Statistics Gathered by Call Tracking

  • All campaign and call activity
  • Average call length
  • Return on investment
  • Geographical data
  • Closing ratios

Another good feature of call tracking is the real-time reports generated, which can be immediately downloaded for review. You can view your call logs and listen in on recorded conversations between your agent and the customer. Most, if not all, call tracking systems will allow you to download the recording as a WAV or MP3 file.

So call tracking provides important statistics fast. As explained in Call Tracking for Marketing Companies Part 1 of 2. How you use that data is what makes it important to a marketing company. Read about how call tracking can be utilized in the next part of this article, Call Tracking for Marketing Companies Part 2 of 2.