How Call Tracking Increases ROI

on Dec 11, 2012   ·   Call Tracking   ·   0 comments

How Call Tracking Increases ROI

Today every business is looking for ways to increase revenue on their marketing dollars. Now with the addition of analytics, the old adage of  “I am wasting half my advertising money but I don’t know which half” no longer rings true. Call tracking analytics allows minimal risk by monitoring each call by itself.

Here how it works:

  • A caller visits your website, while the customer is on your site your business’ phone number is displayed dynamically
  • Each dynamic phone number is transfered to your main line and the information of the call is stored such as where the call came from (search engine,mobile ad etc;) area of the call as well as what was said over the conversation

Now how does this help ROI? By  being able to monitor how many calls have come in my day,week and month you can determine when your marketing dollars are working its hardest for you. Track how many calls come in by search as opposed to other forms of advertising like mobile ads. Determine which landing pages are actually getting your phone to ring, determine how long it takes each caller go from a lead to a sale. Get started with call tracking today!