How Call Tracking Generates New Leads

on Dec 5, 2012   ·   Call Tracking   ·   0 comments

How Call Tracking Generates New Leads

Every business practice today spends large amounts of money on online advertising, but what happens when those potential customers call your business for the offer or for information? In times past when a call came to your business there was no way of knowing who the person is, where they were calling from and exactly what they were looking for.

However now with call tracking you can keep record of every call that comes into your business. So what is the benefit to knowing all that information anyways?

  1. If you have multiple advertisements in different parts of your city or area, you now have the ability to see where the call is coming from. Test different advertisements in different area segments or find out if your marketing whether it be online or offline is getting customers to reach out to you.
  2. What if a member of staff mishandles the call? The goal with any marketing is to generate new business and retain old customers with calls being recorded you will be able to see how the call was mishandled and how you can improve.
  3. If appointments over the phone go unconverted, there is now the ability to look deeper into the call as to why. Was the customer unable to have their question answered? Was staff unwilling to cooperate with the caller? There is no longer a reason to wonder when your incoming calls are all recorded.

Marketing is the driving force of all our business, however without the ability to test and analyze how exactly we are doing makes marketing stressful. However with call tracking you can start to not only generate new leads but convert leads! These are only a few examples of how call tracking can do wonders for any business. Don’t waste any more time or money without call tracking today!