New Call Tracking Feature – Custom Greetings

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New Call Tracking Feature – Custom Greetings
Call Tracking Feature Custom Greetings

Custom greetings relieve client confusion

Dynamic Call Tracking offers a new feature that gives a more custom feel to your company’s phone system. New custom greetings for call tracking software allows you to record a personal message that will be played to your clients or anyone who is calling in to your tracking line.

Whether you need to leave a specific set of instructions, offer optional contact info and numbers, or you just want callers to feel comforted by hearing your voice on your answering service Dynamic Call Tracking’s new custom greetings feature allows you to do just that. You are no longer limited to the standard operator message that everyone else uses, stand out from the crowd and let prospective clients or existing connections know they have reached the correct answering system by recording your own message.

To record a message specific to your needs just click the orange start here link from within your call tracking numbers options, a window will pop up displaying an 800 number and a 5 digit pin. Call the toll free number and enter your 5 digit pin to begin recording a custom greeting message. Once you have finished recording press 1 or hang out and your message will be available for preview or you will have the option to rerecord. Thats it, your answering system’s personal greeting is live!

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