New Call Tracking Feature – Click to Call

on May 28, 2010   ·   Call Tracking   ·   0 comments

New Call Tracking Feature – Click to Call
click to call feature for call tracking

Call tracking click to call offers an easy connection to your company

Amongst the many new features Dynamic Call Tracking offers we have added another powerful tool to our platform. Dynamic Interactive would like to announce the new click to call feature released this week that creates a simple way for clients and potential customers to call you from your website or landing page. This new feature will make your competition green with envy.

Wouldn’t you like to stand out from the many websites and landing pages that consumers see on a daily basis? Not only would adding a click to call button make your page more appealing to people that see hundreds of websites in a day but it would also offer an easy way for them to contact you. In the age of video marketing on the web it is apparent that consumers are not lazy but can appreciate the simpler things like being able to contact a company with the click of a button.

Setting up a click to call button on your website is a quick process that only takes a small amount of programming knowledge. Select the feature from within your call tracking number’s options and copy the code that appears, add the code to your website and you have a fully functional click to call button for that number. Even if you have no clue about html we offer full support for adding the function to your website, just call our customer support team and they will be more than happy to assist you quickly at no extra cost.

This is not your average call tracking feature but it is definitely a huge part of marketing. Offering a simple call to action that performs can increase your website or landing page’s conversions. Find out more about new features by subscribing to our newsletter or adding us to your twitter. If you would like to learn more about click to call or Dynamic Call Tracking give us a call at 1-800-951-6599.