Call Tracking For Call Centers

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Call Tracking For Call Centers
Capturing Calls using Call Tracking Software

Capturing Calls using Call Tracking Software

For any call center to maximize their performance, call tracking is a must. With the hundreds of thousands of calls that pass through on a daily basis, a central system that collects information on every call should be utilized in order to understand how well the business is doing. Without precise numbers, your call center performance may not meet your expectations or the expectations of your clients. With this sort of technology in place you can immediately know how and where your marketing dollars are producing the best results. One question every manager asks is “how will I track the calls that come in and what sort of information can be provided?” Advanced call tracking systems provide plenty of information regarding your marketing responses, closing ratios, and quality control, just to name a few.

Because of the abundance of calls that come through a call center, it is important to maintain a high level of quality and integrity. This technology offers the ability to listen to phone conversations for review which can be used for training purposes or sales improvement. What’s great is that it tracks very detailed statistics. This is very useful to managers handling call centers with many operators and supervising multiple campaigns at the same time. This task can become quite stressful without the manpower or the right technology to keep track of what goes on in the call center. Call tracking streamlines all reporting which can be easily exported for evaluation.

Available Statistics

  • Call volumes
  • Heaviest call times
  • Origination of call
  • Receiving agent
  • Agent call totals
  • Call length
  • Closing ratios

Managers will need to understand which campaigns are generating the most responses and what their conversion ratios are. If one call center handles multiple campaigns, they will require different tracking numbers. This software takes the headache and stress out of scrambling to figure out the detailed statistics from multiple marketing campaigns. Putting them all into one single program which can be ran from a computer at the office or a mobile device on the go. This software proves to be invaluable for the small companies or big business looking to track precise numbers and understand how their marketing is doing in this competitive market. From receiving the phone call to closing the sale, this system does it all. This is a very cost effective yet efficient software that no serious business should be without.

Do you think call tracking is necessary for a call center? What kind of system do you use? Leave us some feedback, we appreciate your comments.