Call Tracking For Affiliate Marketing Advertisers

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Call Tracking For Affiliate Marketing Advertisers

Call Tracking is wanted by advertisers

Affiliate marketing relies heavily on tracking. Just like online clicks, leads and conversions are tracked by affiliate management software you should also be tracking offline calls and conversions. Incoming sales calls from online marketing is not a new thing. Call tracking however is a fairly new tool used to help track your incoming sales calls from any type of advertising, online or offline, which offers a telephone number. If you are not using a tracking system for calls, then how are you tracking your offline conversions? More importantly how are your affiliates getting commissions for those calls?

If you are offering an affiliate program that does not pay commissions for incoming calls then you may be missing a corner of the market. You may not have been offering anything for calls generated from your affiliates because of the lack of tracking. Call tracking allows you to offer your affiliate’s commissions based on things like, call durations, calls per day and sales. Most system even allow you to record calls and mark dispositions based on the calls outcome, stating if it was a sale, a bad call or a missed call.

If you are looking to compete with other affiliate programs in a newly evolving technical market, then you are going to have to offer other ways for your affiliates to get paid. There are already a lot of programs that offer pay per call commissions and bonuses based on the amount of calls an affiliate sends in a day. To keep ahead of the game and hold onto your affiliates you should always be looking towards new avenues for tracking leads that they generate and paying commissions accordingly.