Call Hub Predictive Dialing Platform – Beta

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Call Hub Predictive Dialing Platform – Beta

Free Predictive Dialing for Beta testers for a limited time only

Dynamic Interactive is excited to introduce Call Hub to the marketplace. Call Hub is a cloud based, geographically distributed predictive dialer which combines powerful features to maximize every single agent in your outbound call center. After using many of the predictive dialers on the market we decided it was time to throw our hat in the ring. Combining many of the most popular features in a simple easy to use SaaS web experience was our aim.

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Call Hub Makes it Easy Reach More Customers

A predictive dialer is an excellent tool for growing your business.  You can reach more customers with a smaller team or use your existing team and grow your customer base!  There is no wasted time shuffling through paperwork, picking up a handset, and manually dialing the phone.  With the Call Hub predictive dialer you simply upload your calling list and our software will dial for you.  When a life customer is reached the call will be transferred to a call center agent.

Even small businesses can benefit from Call Hub.  Imagine that you only had one sales person and they spent hours working up the nerve to make phone calls, only to end up leaving voice mails on answering machines.  With our predictive dialer those days are over.  Our software calls the people on your list and can leave a prerecorded message if an answering machine picks up.  If it is a live person the call will be transferred.  This way your sales agents time is maximized and your business will see greater results.

Free Trial of Call Hub

If you have never used a predictive dialer now is the time to start.  You can try Dynamic Interactive’s Call Hub free of charge with our special promotion.  Start today!