Build Compliant Databases of Customers

on Apr 21, 2014   ·   Blog, SMS Marketing   ·   

Build Compliant Databases of Customers

One great way to market to your audience is through broadcasting messages with updates and offers straight to their phone. Having a compliant database is a crucial step for maintaining lists of clients that can be broadcasted to. Whether you are looking to do voice broadcasting (VB), predictive dialing (PD) or short message service (SMS), you need to have a compliant database before you can begin your marketing campaigns. Here are a few steps that can be taken to comply with the laws of maintaining such phone lists.

(This is by no means legal advice. Users of such databases should be aware of, and abide by, all applicable laws and regulations)

Opt-In Lists

Creating and maintaining an opt-in list is the first task you need to think about before starting your marketing. By having an agreement with the recipient, through expressed written consent, you ensure your database is compliant. Having your own opt-in list also indicates that you have consent from the recipient to receive calls from you. Lastly, having an opt-in list ensures you call people that are not the Federal Do Not Call Registry that do not want to receive your calls. Yes, some people may be on the Federal DNC, but they have given authorization for YOU to call contact them.

The second step to being compliant is providing and opt-out option. If it is through a voice broadcast, this would be something like, “Press 9 to be removed from our list” and for SMS marketing, this would be, “Reply “STOP” to end these texts”. Even with compliant lists that have given you permission need to have a opt-out option because they may lose interest in the future or it may cost them too much receiving your ads, and they need to be able to remove themselves.

The Message

Now that you have database ready to go, the next step is create and send the message that is to be broadcasted. By having a good combination of the right phone list, the right message sending updates, and offers right to their phone can be an effective marketing campaign. Generally, you want your message to be short and straight to the point. Immediately state your name or company name, the reason for the update or offer and any action steps that need to be taken by the recipient. By no means can you give false or misleading information about your offer or yourself.

A good message will generate plenty of positive responses. In addition, marketing campaigns that involve sending information right to their phone through predictive dialing, voice broadcasting, or SMS marketing is relatively inexpensive. It’s a great way to reach thousands or millions of recipients in a short amount of time and grow your business in a cost effective manner.