Benefits of Integrating Call Tracking with Your Marketing to Manage Google Analytics

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Benefits of Integrating Call Tracking with Your Marketing to Manage Google Analytics

Call Tracking and Google Analytics are powerful tools for anyone who is looking to market and grow their business. By keeping track of the calls coming in and analyzing conversions, it gives you an in depth understanding of how your marketing is working. Having the ability to integrate these two platforms is essential in order to further expand on your strategy and remain competitive in the marketplace.

Do What Works

One way to get the most out of your marketing dollars is by doing some A/B testing. Through Google Analytics you can see the traffic and behavior of your visitors. This can be done by testing multiple ads and see which one gets the most responses. One great way to A/B test is by using a vanity number, which is a number that spells out words such as 1-800-Contacts or 1-800-Flowers. Vanity numbers can help you get more calls based on the ease or relevance of the number. Another way to A/B test your ad is by the changing or rearranging your content. You might have the “Call Now” at the top of the page versus the bottom of the page. Or you might try different color schemes. Every detail of your ad is crucial in figuring out what works for your business. And by tracking your Return on Investment (ROI) with the use of Call Tracking you’ll see an immediate correlation as to the success of your ads.

Track Leads

Understanding which ads works is essential for any business and tracking your leads is the next step. Call tracking is not only great for tracking calls, but also tracking leads. If you setup goals in Google Analytics, you can see who lands on which page and what actions they took before they completed your goal(s). You might have different tracking numbers on flyers, TV, or Adwords ads. This will help you differentiate responses from your various lead sources. By capturing important data, you can import this information into your CRM and nurture your leads until conversion.


As a marketer, understanding how a combination of elements that render the best responses and more business is the ultimate goal. However, having the right tools will serve in helping you acquire that understanding faster while saving money. Integrating Call Tracking and Google Analytics does just that. By exporting statistics, call logs and analyzing the data, from both platforms, it will help you refine your marketing efforts. Recorded call logs, from Call Tracking, can help you see how well your calls are converting and how your phone agents are handling those calls, which is extremely important for quality control.

If you’re looking to track your calls from your various marketing ads, try Dynamic Call Tracking today and sign up for a free trial. Experiment by integrating with Google Analytics by setting up goals, track conversions, and follow visit behaviors to further refine how new clients find you and call you for optimum results.