The Benefits of Call Tracking

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The Benefits of Call Tracking

Businesses can use call tracking to increase their competitiveness and grow their business. One way to achieve this is by having individual phone numbers assigned to each advertisement.  By having a unique phone number you can track what ads are making the phone ring. You can have unique tracking numbers on a radio ad, TV ad, billboard, landing page, and a mailer pieces. The results generated from these ads would serve the purpose of figuring out where to focus your marketing dollars and how to optimize your marketing campaigns.

Other Benefits of Call Tracking

Call tracking can increase a business’s marketing ROI by enabling them to invest more money in ads that work and stop paying for ones that don’t.

Call Recording

Another way call tracking can be used is to improve customer service. The Dynamic Interactive call tracking platform includes a call recording feature. This can be used to record the calls and use them to improve quality control or training. Marketing managers use this feature to help calculate how many leads come in versus the amount of closed sales.  This can also be used for improving customer service and retention.

Call Routing

Dynamic Interactive’s call tracking solution has a call routing feature.  Most call tracking services offer this feature but typically only forward to one number.  Dynamic’s forwarding options include direct forwarding to one number, hunt groups, or follow me calling that will ring on multiple devices. These features help businesses to distribute calls to multiple representatives for a faster response time while decreasing the chance of a customer waiting on hold. This can improve overall customer satisfaction and help a business become known for having good customer service.

Vanity Numbers for Easy Dialing

No one remembers phone numbers and most people don’t take the time to write them down.  This makes it very important to have a phone number that is easy to remember and to recognize.  Vanity numbers can help a business do both.  A vanity number is a phone number with letters that spell out a word and can also be used as tracking numbers. An example of this is 8**-OUR-SHOP. Not only does it make it easier for people to remember a phone number, but with a good call distribution system can increase a business’s competitiveness and further strengthen their brand.

Don’t make the mistake of paying for advertising without using call tracking.  If you do it will be extremely difficult to tell what ads are generating calls and how to improve your marketing ROI.