B2B Affiliate Programs That Pay High Commissions

on Feb 8, 2010   ·   Charity800   ·   0 comments

Dynamic Interactive Corp. is proud to announce that its Charity800.com Affiliate Program has launched today. What does this mean for affiliates? It means that they can now get large payouts while using our Affiliate Management Dashboard displaying a quick view of commissions, sales, impressions, and variations of clicks.

The system keeps track of orders and payments while providing detailed statistics from multiple urls, affiliate links and sub affiliate links. You can choose from a variety of links, banner and HTML ads or we will work with you to create an ad that is more suitable for your page style or needs.

Just in case you did not catch it the first time… YES, we offer second tier commissions. Each affiliate you sign up gets paid per sale and you get paid per sale they bring in. Take a look at our program, commissions and pricing to find out more. Charity800.com