Dynamic interactive offers telephony solutions

for all industries.

  • Voice Broadcasting
  • Call Tracking
  • SMS
  • Predictive Dialer
  • PBX



  • Customer Satisfaction Is Our Number One Priority.

    Call Routing

    We provide customer service support seven days a week and even on holidays. At Dynamic, we are committed to providing customers with excellent service – exactly when they need it. We have a team of in-house product developers that are able to customize our software programs based on customer needs, so call us today to see how we can help.

    We Believe In True Customer Service.

    Call RoutingHave you ever needed customer service or tech support on a holiday, weekend or late at night? That’s not a problem with Dynamic. We even helped a customer right before New Year’s Eve. We are so committed to our client’s success that our CTO called the customer from a ski lift to make sure their problem was resolved. We will stop whatever we are doing to make sure our client’s needs are taken care of.

    SMS and Mobile Marketing Platforms

    Call RoutingConnect with customers anytime, anywhere through SMS marketing. Millions of Americans have smartphones and regularly text message. Text message marketing has a 90% open rate, causing SMS advertising dollars to produce direct results. Grow your business by creating a mobile marketing strategy today.


Learn How Dynamic Services Can Help You

Dynamic Interactive offers telephony solutions to help all industries increase their success.  Our unique solutions are idea for businesses, non-profit companies, political organizations, cities, and municipalities.  By leveraging technology, you can increase your operational efficiency and maximize your employee’s time. This will help to reduce overhead and accomplish more, without hiring additional staff.  Dynamic Interactive is committed to delivering real world solutions to our customer’s problems.  With in-house developers, we are able to customize our platforms to meet individual client needs.